Captain Buddy’s Introduction

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This is a simple test for the upcoming blogs that I hope to write weekly. This may be difficult depending on the time of year, but I will do my best. This Blog will be a little bit educational, a bit funny, probably a good bit silly, but overall fun.

Captain Buddy's Introduction 1

I’m hoping to teach you guys a few tricks about fishing, fossil hunting, how to find sharks teeth, and lots of information about the ecosystem that I’ve learned along my journey in maritime. I’ll be focusing on one specific animal, fishing method, fossil, tooth, or whatever at a time. Basically, I won’t be covering broad areas of interest in each blog like some other people. I’m still learning the ins and outs of online blogging, so please forgive me if these articles or posts don’t have much “flair” to them at first. It will get there eventually.

Is 1:24 PM too early for a beer? If we were out at the Bluffton Sandbar, HELL NO! Sitting in my little office/music room? Yeah probably.

I’m not sure what else I’m supposed to write. This wasn’t even supposed to be that long; just a test. But, it’s the slow season and the weather is currently too cold to paint the boat. Oh Lord, I am so not looking forward to that. I’ve already painted the outside of the hull (topside and antifouling). Had a nasty soft spot where the bucket seats used to be so I ripped that out and fabricated a new deck and installed it. What a complete pain that was. I hate having to deal with fiberglass but I guess it comes with the job. Should look pretty after paint though.

Captain Buddy's Introduction 2

I bought her mid last year (2019) from a captain over on Tybee. He did 2800 charters on her. She is definitely a beast of a boat. I named her “The Kraken”. She is a 1978 26 foot Mako. I’m trying to keep as much original stuff on her as possible but it has been tough. Eventually, she will have all new electronics, music, lights and everything else. Those classic Mako lines are super sexy though.

Captain Buddy's Introduction 3

I’ll see if I can at least get some pictures of her on this blog post so you can see what I’m talking about. That being said, you should be able to see if I was successful in adding pictures or not already. Fingers crossed.

Hey! It worked! Alright, yall. I’ll get back with ya in a week or so! Later!