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Shark Tooth and Fossil Hunting

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One of our best and most popular trips! We depart Calhoun Street fishing pier with low tide approaching and embark on a journey to "Shark Tooth Island" where hundreds of fossils of long extinct Mammals, Reptiles, Fish, Corals, Birds, and yes, of course, SHARK TEETH await us. Anyone can take you to Shark Tooth Island if they know they way. But are they able to identify the fossils that litter the are as well as the shark teeth? Our guids are trained to help you every step of the way. From being able to locate the specimens to being able to identify them as long as they haven't been too chewed up by Megalodon! Captain Buddy's favorite trip awaits you, but don't delay! Please keep in mind that this trip will involve a bit of physical prowess and you WILL get your feet muddy! Water shoes are highly recommended. Please do NOT bring shovels or sifters. It is ILLEGAL to dig for fossils in South Carolina. We can let the waves erosion do our work for us! Check out our online booking calendar for availability. THANKS AGAIN!!

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Disappearing Island Shell Hunting

The Low Country of South Carolina has very extreme tides. During our low tides, we have the rare opportunity to take visitors out to one of our amazing geographical sites, Disappearing Island. At high tide, this island is completely under water. When it is exposed, one can find many different species of shells, sand dollars, starfish, and a plethora of other sea creatures. We would love to take you out and see this amazing place. We will help you search and identify the creatures you find. Enjoy the views of Hilton Head Island, Dolphin, local birds, and the Intracoastal Water along the way. Don't forget your camera and sunscreen!

Fishing: Inshore, Offshore, and Night Shark Fishing

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Offshore Fishing: A short ride out to the near shore reefs provide a plethora of species that can be targeted depending on what time of year. This is a minimum 4 hour trip but 5 hours or more is recommended. Up to 8 hours and the boat can accommodate a maximum or 6 people. (Spanish Mackerel, King Mackerel, Seabass, Vermillion Snapper, Red Snapper, Grouper, Barracuda, Mahi-Mahi, Tarpon, Cobia and others.

Inshore: Join us in the waters around Hilton Head Island for some of the best inshore fishing in the world. Depending on the season, we will target Redfish (aka Red Drum, Spottail Bass), Black Drum, Speckled Sea Trout, Flounder, Sheepshead, Whiting, and many different species of sharks. This is a minimum 3 hour trip and can take a maximum of 6 people.

Shark Fishing: Our salt water estuary we call "The May River" empties into the Calibogue Sound. Because of the lack of fresh water, these water are called home by over 40 species of sharks and rays! We offer different times during the day and one night trip each night starting just after sunset. The Minimum number of hours for this trip is 2 but we HIGHLY recommend at least 3 hours. We can accommodate a MAXIMUM of 6 people per boat.

Click the Book Now below for availability and times offered. If you have questions, please feel free to call or email us at your convenience. The prices listed is NOT per person. The Prices are for the entire boat of which a MAXIMUM of 6 is allowed.

Sunset Boat Cruise, Dolphin Tour, and Booze Cruise

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Join us for a 2 hour journey in the May River to view majestic Bottlenose Dolphin, local birds, endless Saltwater Marshes, oyster beds, and hundreds of other species of wildlife. We will customize your trip to what you would like to learn the most about. Watch the Dolphin Dance while the sun sets on the most beautiful place on earth!

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Booze Cruise and Custom Trips

Have you heard of someplace you would like to see or visit? We can make it happen! Would you like to bounce around from Hilton Head Island to Daufuskie Island and back to the May River? We would love to take you and your group. Let us be your DD on the water. BYOB and we can help with ideas on where to visit along the way.

Refund  and Cancelation Policy:  If the Captain cancels due to weather or mechanical failure, a full refund will be issued within 24 hours.  Our guests must cancel within 72 hours of the trip to receive a full refund of your deposit.